How to Pick Successful Online Poker In any poker related space, a wide range of poker tools are available, from software packages to hand histories. Successful software can aid in understanding of opponent tendencies, hand equivalence, and statistics. Any product in this realm can aid in the long term strategy of a player, but for the beginner, there is nothing more exciting than quickly downloading a poker tool and starting to practice.

How to Pick Successful Online Poker

The key to the successful poker tools is ease of use and standardization. Any product in this space that is too complex or makes sense only to the seasoned poker player, or those who have mastered the game, are not necessarily the best product available. For the novice player, what is offered here is the most basic, yet essential components for long-term success: poker calculator software, tracking software, hand analyzer software, table selection software, and poker training websites.

Poker tools run the gamut from simple poker calculators to highly sophisticated poker training tools. Most tools below will run on most typical operating systems and Internet browsers. Most tools are free, but require a non-recoverable license fee.

How to Pick Successful Online Poker

Poker Tools – Poker Calculators

There are two types of poker tools, the poker calculator and poker assistant. Usually, poker tools are developed with all the complex analysis and personal information required for aggressive or expert play. Because poker is a game based on mathematics, poker tools are of great value, since it is possible to undersimplify the game and then play, using only statistics. The primary use of the poker calculator is to calculate the odds of winning a game. Most tools incorporate many useful features, such as calculating the odds of winning with a particular hand, comparing your hand strength against other players’, and calculating the pot odds. Tools also provide an interface to other players and information, such as referrals to other sites and preparation of your tournament.

Poker Tools – Poker assistants

The main use of the poker assistant is to assist you in the day-to-day management of your poker activities. The assistant will monitor your progress and offer you needed information and statistics. The features of most poker tools are obtainable from other poker software programs and the added features can be customized. Most tools are free and include extensive tutorials and a support forum.

How to Pick Successful Online Poker

Poker calculators/hand odds calculators

Calculators can be very useful in estimating your poker odds and in improving your game. On the internet there are many calculators available with various features and interface.

RR made available by the IRC Poker calculator is one of the first ready-made poker calculators available. This tool, though rather simple, is the original version of what is now Poker Tracker. The product has a simple graphical user interface and can calculate the rank of cards. It also displays your equity versus other players’ hands.

Holdem Indicator is probably the most popular poker calculator on the planet. The product has revolutionized the way many players utilize their poker calculator. Many people that once played poker only used important statistics to manage their poker play, now poker players can get a more human face to the game. They can adjust the program to lighten up when counting your big blind, when calling, raising or folding. They can also choose to fold when having the best hand. As far as game play goes, Holdem Indicator is the calculator to beat. The product has increased a poker players edge dramatically.

How to Pick Successful Online Poker

Buddy Bags

When a poker player is trying to improve his/her game, all the best things that can be done is to invest in a poker calculator. When using a poker calculator, you can get additional information that will, on average, shift a player from a B gauge player to a A or an extremely aggressive player. The specific features of a poker calculator varies from person to person, but a lot of people will agree that an A player who bets or raises too often is a bad thing. An A player who is weak and folds too often is probably a good thing.

It is difficult to describe what an A-game player would look like, but a very good poker calculator will combine with your poker tracker (the program you run after the sit and go) to provide you with very useful information. You can see a player and his/her stats, which will give you a good idea of strengths and weaknesses. You can also see a player’s previous rake (the sum of money the player has earned while playing) and proportion of hands played/lay hands. All the information is organized in a simple window, so it is easy to find your opponent again, should you wish to take your opponent on as a friend.

If you wish to become a very successful player, you must know (or rather, demand) every trick that can be performed against your opponents. How to Pick Successful Online Poker

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