How Online Poker Got Its Start Online poker history is a question that many gamblers ask, how on earth got online poker started?

How Online Poker Got Its Start

The answer to this question is quite simple. In the year 2003, also known as the year of the humble beginning, a company called Neteller made the breakthrough in making online payments. This payment system went on to revolutionize the online gambling industry as people who had previously not had the confidence to pay for casino slots or poker online, could now do so with a Neteller payment.

Another company in the online payment business, e Pay, made it possible for Charleserers, Americans, Brits and people from all over the world to transfer money online as though they were making a deposit at an offline bank. This e Payment were the first ever to offer their card to the world in what was known then as Neteller.

Millions of people have made money transactions, and millions more would like to make online deposits without the risk of fraud and vulnerability.

How Online Poker Got Its Start

Online poker history since 2004

While many industry observers believe that online gambling is a difficult concept to nail down, when at last people were able to do so, the industry was in a period of unprecedented transactions. It was also around this time that a company called Dep conserve was formed to develop online payment solutions for casinos and sportsbooks.

Numerous other companies also emerged during this period and tried to establish themselves as experts in online gambling payments.

Some of the aforementioned companies are :

1) Neteller, which was acquired by, which itself was later acquired by

2) CoreData, which was acquired by

3)tonsOfMoney, which is a revolutionary player in the online gambling industry. They were the first to offer an online payments solution to the online sportsbook community.

4) Real Time Gaming.

5) GOG Gaming, which is one of the largest and most visited card rooms in the world.

6) 888 Poker.

How Online Poker Got Its Start

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This is a brief overview of the history of online poker play, and online gambling payments. I mentioned in the beginning of the article that the industry was in a period of unprecedented activity. Check out this sentence also; In the year 2003, Poker made its debut to the online gaming community. Online Poker is an industry which is at its birth. The game of poker has been around for years, with numerous versions of the game being born, but it was only in 2004 that the game reached the internet. Granted, you can’t seek the previous editions of the game then. The advent of the rocket has helped greatly in the demise of the card room, and oddly, online poker rooms.

The poker explosion and the rapid liquidity in the poker rooms was chiefly responsible for the shift of the gambling industry to the internet. Before the advent of poker, players were required to visit the card rooms to play poker. This was both time consuming and costly. It was also perhaps risky, because most card rooms charged a membership fee and there was no guarantee of winning or losing on a regular basis. Most players just played the game to pass the time.

However, the advent of poker opened up whole new opportunities for those who chose to play the game. Online poker rooms offered players the ability to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes. Players no longer had to visit the card rooms to play poker. Online poker rooms paved the way for individuals to enjoy the game without the fear of losing money. This provided players with more time to spend on the game and even allowed them to prepare themselves for further poker developments in the field of digital poker.

How Online Poker Got Its Start

Perhaps one could say that the internet has certainly raised the bar in terms of poker game and game improvement. In fact, the available opportunities for playing poker online are quite overwhelming. One can play the game just by sitting in one’s home or office at home. This is a much more comfortable way of playing the game, and potentially saves one or many dollars spent on fare or food while going to the card room.

Compared to the days when poker was only played in the card rooms,online pokerhas opened up new opportunities for those who seek to improve their game by practicing and learning. In fact, one can find hundreds of informative articles, tips and strategies related to the game on the internet.This information can be extremely useful when trying to improve a poker players card playing skills.

Players can spend much less time on the game and more time concentrating on the actual poker strategy.Information written by knowledgeable poker players can be extremely helpful in improving one’s poker game. oneself can learn many new things from reading such articles, and it can give the player a lot of ideas on what to do in a particular poker playing situation. How Online Poker Got Its Start!

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