poker and playing cards

Difference between poker and playing cards If you are a poker player you have probably heard the term JJ, sometimes referred to as smooth operators, high pocket pairs, or big slick. JJ is one of the most dangerous hands in poker, especially when staggering into tourney play. With an ace, a queen, a king, or a two, JJ can be dominated by any of the smaller pocket pairs, aces, kings, or ace king. A lot of players will even call with cards like JJ in position.

Difference between poker and playing cards

While JJ can be anansky hand at times, it is not very good at comps because of its paired board. In contrast, a lot of hands with no pairs have better stats in internet poker. Of course statistics can only take into account what you see, but if you know anything about poker statistics, you know that if you compare hands, the better hand wins more often than not.

JJ is the hand of choice for many internet players. With the number of beginners finding their way into cash games, JJ will be thrown to the wolves once everyone gets use to the fact that it is not possible to cold call and guarantee a hand victory. Non-pairs are more likely to win hands against the opposition. The opposition to JJ is very likely to have a pocket pair, so you want to avoid high cards in the flop unless it is an ace or king. If you do hit your set, you will be in a lot of trouble if an over card to the board, even a two, straights or flushes hit the board.

poker and playing cards

While JJ can be a powerful hand some times, especially when hitting a set, you want to use it more like the semi-bluff, or to take down smaller pots without raising preflop. You won’t hit a lot of flops with JJ, but you can and will steal blinds more often with hands like 1010, JJ, KJ, and AT. These are more conservative hands, but can rake in some big pots if you take them to the showdown.

If you decide you want to play JJ, it is probably best to wait for either a high pocket pair or a situation where you are first in preflop. At that point you can let the hand flesh out, and you always have the chance of staving off some losses until you get what you want.

Pairs like 1010, JJ, KJ,. A-K, Ace-King Suited and K-Q are more likely to win than any other pocket pairs. Their yardsticks are also higher, so they may be worth a look even in early stages of a tournament.

Loose Hold Em – Loose Passive Players

LAG is all the rage in micro limits, and is also very popular in higher limits. Anytime you see a player that is playing loose, with a big pre-flop raise, you can be assured that they have something strong.

poker and playing cards

This type of player is also very predictable. If they raise pre-flop with a strong hand, you can safely re-raise them, and not be certain of where they are coming from.

Loose-Aggressive Players

LAG is a very dangerous opponent to have in your corner. Since it is not very likely for him to have a strong hand, you can easily push a lot of pots in your favor by betting aggressively. When you see pocket aces or kings, you should also bet aggressively, since your hand is likely stronger.

You can bluff or semi-bluff to distract LAG, but make sure to do so in situations where you have a strong hand, or are not sure where you stand. Do not be predictable.

Tight Aggressive Players

TAG plays very well against very tight players. Very tight players tend to call with just about anything, so it is a good idea to challenge them with premium hands. In the case of a three-way pot, you should do your best to have TAG fold before the flop.


To conclude, it is definitely possible to make money playing poker, both online and live. You just have to be very careful in whom you play.

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