Cake Poker Review For example, Cake offers a couple of promotions every month in December and June. They run a pretty simple straightforward promotion once called “Cake Poker Million Dollar Freeroll”. Every night, there is a guaranteed big prize pool from 6:00pm Pacific Time until 11:00pm Pacific Time. Every winning player will receive 5,000 Cake Points. There is a minimum prize pool of $1,000 and every player at least has a $1000ratch built into their account. Every week there are guaranteed prize pools around the $2,000 mark. Plus, some weeks there are $3,000 prize pools. They also have some of the highest cash game stakes online, albeit somewhat abruptly.

Cake Poker Review

They have about 15 different game variations, a respectable number when considering them. They offer games in all currencies, depositing and withdrawing, and they have some of the toughest competition in the industry. This might be good if you’re a fan of the lowest limits available, though the games vary considerably in value.

Cake offers some of the fairest poker software available, with an emphasis on speed and clarity. The software’s audio quality is also high, Aren’t They Just There To Keep You Honest?

The software side of things is where the real challenge lies. Cake Poker uses Cake Poker smart advisors to control the game and make changing decisions easier. The difference between playing at a 3/6 limit table and a 9/6 table is simply amazing. The games go by so fast, you don’t have time to think; you have to make decisions. Luckily, there are some human players available to help you. Cake Poker Review

Cake Poker Review

Cake also offers some of the tightest games available in the industry, period. Yes, tight. By tight, I mean there are hardly any draws, so as long as you make your money in the early stages you should be all right.

I have spent many hours playing on and off online poker sites, especially during the latter part of theeto as the sit and go season gets underway. I’m not going to lie to you and say that I have never played in a tournament with less than a 9/6 table, because that would be dishonest. But, for the majority of players, a 9/6 or above is considered a solid table.

Cake Poker is one of the first poker rooms to have a mobile poker platform. The software is pretty poor, though. There is no download option, so you must download the game to your phone before you can play. Another unfortunate detail is that Cake Poker only provides a single currency option. You can’t play Euros or U.S.Pounds. They tried to add more, like dollars, Canadian dollars, British dollars, and Canadian cents, but the balance was just not enough to support the additional games.

Cake Poker Review

I think that Cake Poker has great potential, as they are one of the older online poker rooms. They have a lot of loyal players, a lot of tournaments, and a lot of options for players wanting to play sit and go or multi table. According to Cake Poker, their key priority is survival, which shows in their software choices. They have a lot of good features, such as a profiled player mode that keep you up to date on your opponents in real time. Perhaps the only problem with Cake Poker is that their rewards program is not that great. They offer 16% reload bonuses, but only have a $150 reload bonus.

Cake Poker is attempting to work with software providers to make their game as open and fair as possible. They have a VIP program which rewards loyal players with VIP bonuses. These bonuses include a number of different VIP levels and VIP bonuses which compile to very generous bonuses. In other words, if you’re a loyal Cake Poker player, you’re really rewarded. At the time of this writing, the Cake Poker bonus code is not redeemable.

Gutshot Poker is a new poker room that is powered by the Gutshot Analysis Poker Technology. This is a fairly new room, still very much a work in progress, though they do have some nice concept art to go with their lobby. The team at Gutshot Poker has a lot of personality and programming talent. They have an awareness of what their players are doing and are working to correct it. Right now, the software is a little bare, with very little bling and glamour. You can play more than one table at a time. Unfortunately, the multi-table game is very hit or miss. Cake Poker Review

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