Are Online Are Online Poker SitesThe online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker sites are required to submit their software for rigorous testing to prove it is a fair game for all players. However, is the software really fair? On the other hand, is there something going on in the background that many people never realize?

Are Online Poker

Are Online Poker Sites

Many victims of bad beats will scream “this site is rigged” while others will counter that the suck outs and bad beats are all a part of poker and it happens even in live games. While that is true, it still begs the question as to whether there is more to the online poker game than meets the eye.

In a recent study conducted by a popular poker forum, the question, “Are Online Poker Sites Rigged?” was posed and the results were nearly split with 42% saying yes and 58% saying no. However, opinions by players really have no bearing on the truth as to whether there is something amiss in the software.

Attention to the fact that there are flaws in the software used to produce ‘random’ cards has always been the focal point of the argument. The fact that a computer program is determining the outcome using a RNG (Random Number Generator), does not imply the game is fair or random.

A RNG is merely a program that will “shuffle” the 52-card deck and appear to deal that deck in what may seem to be a random manner. However, because the RNG has limitations on capacity and ability to be truly random, additional software algorithms and processes are added into the online poker software to further insinuate a fair game.

Are Online Poker

Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged

It is these additional programs and algorithms that is the true culprit in creating an environment where bad beats and suck outs will occur more frequently. A popular poker site once claimed that the reason one may see so many bad beats online is that more hands are dealt. This limp explanation is neither credible nor even close to reality.

As we have pointed out, a computer program will deal cards in a manner that the software claims is random and subsequently the bad beats will occur. The primary purpose of any poker software program is to induce action and have people play more hands. It is also the poker site’s goal to have more suckouts occur so they can capture a higher prize pool.

The additional algorithms and processes that the online poker site utilizes to induce action are not as effective tools as the main program, because in reality they are just making things more difficult to decipher. A high quality poker site will utilize a more intelligent and sophisticated approach to combatting the online phenomenon.

indoors poker games can be the culprit behind a bad beat or suckout as well. Quite a few players will claim that when they go to play poker in an area that has considerable indoors space, they experience a greater sense of danger because of the EMP Range of their opponents. The truth is that the indoor gameplay is typically more susceptible to detrimental effects from shielded equipment such as computers, generators, receivers and attenuators.

Are Online Poker

Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged

However, a susceptible environment may also be what allows a more vulnerable player to feel more comfortable in risking a few hands. Although the above would seem to be detrimental to one’s game, the fact is that the player is simply trying to protect himself or herself from getting blinded out. In reality this is actually the opposite end of the stick, since when a player is playing in an area that is more protected, a higher percentage of their hands will be successful.

Playing in an area that is more developed, or built out more toward the interior of the building where players spend more time at will is actually the best way to combat the possibility of a suck out. One would believe that if the opponents are further away and the spaces are bigger, the hands will be dealt more frequently. However if the spaces are shorter and tight, the hands may be frequently flipped back over to the player who would like to see more cards.

No matter how one plays the game of poker, the reality is that no matter how skilled or inexperienced each player is, no matter what they are doing in the game, no matter what betting patterns, or whatever profiles they have, no matter what irrational poke or stick moves they make, no matter how non-intelligent they are, no matter if they are aware of this or not, poker rooms will always be there to where they will come to play, and they will always find a way to get paid. And for anybody that says that poker rooms definitely do not pay out, well then, no they would not because that would be foolish, but if you were to understand the way poker rooms make money, you would be able to spot the distinct leaky hat they wear.

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